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Bye-laws of CSI Chennai Chapter




1.  Name of the society
Cardiological Society of India (Chennai Chapter)
2.  Date of formation
3.  Date of registration
1-6-2001 / Reg.No.105/2001.
4.  Registered District
Chennai chapter.
5.  Work Hours
11 AM to 5 PM.


           1.To advance Scientific knowledge and research in relation to the cardiovascular system in all its aspects.
           2.Improve our basic understanding and to find better preventive measures and treatment for all types of cardiovascular diseases.

To achieve these aims and objectives, the society shall :

  1. Hold periodical meeting , conferences and social gatherings at CSI Chennai chapter. Arrange clinical discourses, discussion and demonstrations on any subject of interest of the Society.

  2. Actively encourage research, teaching and training programs at Chennai and various centres either in India and /or around the world.

  3. Engage in advanced public education and train with the objective of improved preventive programs for the welfare of all.

  4. Publicly distribute or otherwise circulate medical records, transactions and proceedings or various meetings and conference of the Society at Chennai publish and circulate among members a newsletter which shall consist of abstracts of the academic proceedings of the CSI Chennai chapter and other related terms.

  5. Coordinate as necessary and as seen fit with other societies or organizations having similar and allied objectives either in India or abroad.

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